Welcome to UCTC Recruitment

UCTC Recruitment is a growing recruitment agency, offering a range of recruitment services to small and large organisations, local authorities and institutions. We provide recruitment in many sectors across the industry, including temporary and permanent contracts.


Part of our vision is to use our position to help the wider society and ensure we operate as an ethically sound and liable organisation.


We recruit into a variety of positions in many areas and have teams specifically set up to provide candidates from the most junior level of support staff, up to director level. Our main areas of expertise fall within Health and Social Care, Education and Business.


Also we provide staff for delivering contracts which many businesses find accommodating. All our staff are fully trained and are available now. So whether you are a Candidate looking for work or a Client resourcing staff, UCTC can offer you the right solution in recruitment.


If you are an organisation wanting a recruitment partner who will work hard for you and deliver your solutions please contact us.


Call 020 8690 2555 or Email recruitment@unitycaretraining.org.uk